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2017 crop Goji berry report

Author:Panda Date:2017-7-6 23:20:25

       2017 new crop Goji berry just began to be available since the end of June, and will end in October.

      As no natural disaster, Goji berry grow very well and we estimate its output would be 15-20% higher than 2016.


      Generally speaking, new crop Goji berry price would be very high in early harvest season and begin to get down slowly till Oct. as long as more and more new crop Goji berry began to be available, therefore, we do not suggest our buyers buy new crop Goji berries before Oct. if they still have enough stock.

      Right now 2017 crop Goji berries do not enjoy good sale, because firstly there are not much quality differences on 2016 crop and 2017 new crop, Goji berry shelf life could be 2 year or much longer in cold storage, so 2016 crop Goji berry quality could be also guaranteed.

     Secondly 2016 crop Goji berries are 30% cheaper at least than 2017 new crop Goji berries right now,  2016 is a big harvest season and Goji berry did not enjoy a good sale, so there are a great number of 2016 crop Goji berries available on market with the cheapest price in history, now most of our buyers only buy 2016 crop Goji berries.

      2016 crop Goji berry price kept decreasing for past whole year and seems to reach the bottom since last month, its price kept stable for a while, we think 2016 crop Goji berry could not increase before Oct. and  2017 new crop Goji berry price will decrease very soon. But there is one thing for sure, 2017 crop Goji berry price could not be lower than current 2016 Goji berry price in future.

    As 2016 crop Goji berry price is the lowest in history and kept stable, lots of buyers began to store them and hope to get big profit when price up in future, but we are not that optimistic but much careful, we think its price is hard to increase because of a great number of Goji berries available on market in 2017.

      In a word, I suggest you could buy 2016  crop Goji berries before Oct., 2017.  if you have demand,  and considering  high risk of price decreasing,  we suggest do not buy too much one time, just as much as you could sell in 2-3 months.

2017 crop Goji berries

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