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What are the harvest time of Chinese fruit and best time to buy?

Author:Panda Date:2013-1-4 7:14:57

     Generally speaking, most of Chinese dried fruit could be supplied all year around and the buyer could place their orders anytime,but we could not rule out the possibility that some fruit items would be out of stock earlier because of good sales.

     What's more, the supplying time for few special fruit without stable quality is very short,only last couple of monthes. For example green raisin, whose green color would fade slowly, so the best time to purchase is the during or around the harvest season.

     As we would get would get a lot of orders then, which could not be shipped promptly , so some buyer prefer to place orders in dull season.

In a word,if there is a best time to place order, that is the frist 4 to 7 monthes since the fruit harvest begin.

     Harvest time of Chinese fruit:

April, May: Strawberries

May, June: Cherries

July, August: Goji Berries, apricots, physalis, peaches, Figs

September, October.: Apples, Kiwi fruits, kumquats

December: Pears

All year around: Gingers,Pineapples,Cherry-tomatoes,etc.

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