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When is the best time for Chinese green raisins with best green color? How to Protect Them from Fading?

Author:Panda Foods Date:2013-9-8 3:15:37


When is the Best Time for Chinese Green Raisins with Best Green Color? How to Protect Them from Fading?

Chinese green raisins producing area is only at Turpan, Xinjiang. Since August, green raisins began to come to market, but during this time, the green color is not very green and not stable, would fade easily. In September, most of green raisins would be available and have best quality. The green color would be greenest and more stable. The best time to buy Chinese green raisins Is from September to Novemver.  

       From December to next February, the green color is not very green, but with a little bit greenish-yellow, 5-10% green color would fade and it is very difficult to get green raisins with 95% up green color.

From March, green color fades faster and faster because of increasing temperature and moisture. About 20-30% green color changes into greenish-yellow.

How to maintain its green color and protect green raisins from fadind? The most effects on fading are temperature, moisture and light. High temperature and moisture, keep them expose under sunshine would fast its fading. The best storage condition is cool, dry and dark place.

Through many tests from Panda Foods, we found that at 20~30℃, with more than 12.5% moisture, the green raisins would lost green color totally in 2 monthes; At 4~7℃, with less than 10.5% moisture, green color is still maintain in 10 monthes; At 4~7℃, with less than 16.5% moisture, the green color could be keeped in 4 monthes.

 If you put green raisins in cold storage and set temperature to about 0 Degree Selsius, the green color would not fade even in a whole year, but if taking them out of cold storage, the green color would fade sharply because of rapid change of temperature and moisture. The fading speed depends on outside conditions.  If in summer, the green color would change into greenish-yellow in several days.

how to protect Chinese green raisins from green color fading


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