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Dried tomato varieties

Author:Panda Date:2010-11-1 20:25:56

                                    Dried Tomato Varieties

         There are 2 types of China Cherry-tomato, low sugar type and high sugar type. There are some big differences between them.


1. Size
The size of high sugar type is much bigger than low sugar type.

2. Total Sugar Content
The total sugar of high sugar type cherry-tomato is about 55%-65%, the low sugar type is about 30%-40%.

3. Taste
High sugar type cherry-tomato is much more sweet than low sugar type.
4. Price
High sugar type cherry-tomato is cheaper by USD300.00/MT to USD400.00 than low sugar type.

5. Market Share
High sugar type cherry-tomato is with about 70% share of the market, low sugar type share the rest.