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Updated Market Report Of Dried Apples

Author:Panda Foods Date:2018-4-25 15:27:32

      Since Oct., 2017, dried apples price kept increasing sharply because of 2 reasons, firstly dried apple demand increased a lot comparing former years, secondly the supplying quantity decreased because Chinese environmental protection authority force all the factories use petrol instead of coal and shut down lots of small factories against new rules, which increased producing cost and caused dried apple shortage.


       From March, 2018, as long as dried apple factories finished fuel transformation and get back to normal way, dried apple rings stopped increasing and remain stable right now. But according former years experience, from May to Aug., dried apple price would increase because of shortage of fresh apples, but because of big price rising for past months, we do not think dried apple price would increase a lot from May to Sep. as former years, but there is a thing for sure, its price is hard to decrease, and probably increase very slowly or remain for a while.

Chinese dried apples

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